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   At the beginning of the 21st century, there is sufficient knowledge to complete the by now almost eternal cycle. But who is in a position to set the course?

   It is in the nature of things that there is no well-trodden path for an opportunity that has existed never before. Nor does it really fall within anyone's competence or scope of responsibility. Nor is there any pressing need for action. Or should we continue this game, which – after all - is no game at all, for a few or several generations further?
Not an easy decision! Either way, somehow or other,
at some point, the sun will rise.

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When we were kids, we were taught:  "You shall not lie!"
  Now that we are grown we wonder:

"What is the truth?"

Challenge level:   [very easy]

   The doom all started 2000 years ago    
A philosophy came into the world. Three hundred years later, the rulers of the Roman Empire realised that the submissiveness of this philosophy made it easier to control their people. It was therefore elevated to the status of state religion on 27 March 380.  This religion would later be called Christianity.     
    Symbolic starting capital of the state religion: 1 USD   
How much has this capital grown in the 1,700 years up to the present day?  
And who owns it anyway?

Who owns $1.9 trillion?

Challenge level:   [easy]

   Why is there actually something and not just nothing?
It is undisputed that something is there and not just nothing, otherwise we would not be there either. Since something is there, there has never been absolutely nothing, because if there had ever been absolutely nothing, it would always have remained that way. After all, there would then, of course, have been no possibility of this state ever changing, because even the slightest possibility would already be more than nothing. A SOMETHING has therefore always been there, because if this SOMETHING had come into being, there would have been absolutely (without exception) nothing before it and it would always have remained that way.
    However, why hasn't there been nothing without exception     
and why did it not remain so?

das muster der
Challenge level:   [very difficult]
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      Nothing can be lost irrevocably!
After all, where should it all go? Things cannot dissolve into absolutely nothing! That's what you see in all kinds of sciences. There is no single observation, measurement, or calculation that would allow for a different probability.
3.5 billion years ago, life united with the inanimate on earth to form the first cell. 1.5 billion years later, evolution brought death into life. Dying is not a part of life, but a method of evolution.
   The pattern of infinity brings to light (roughly) the complex circumstances of how suffering came into this world, why death appears to us as a reality even though nothing can be lost irrevocably, and that evolution can stop pretending that there is death if we realise that we cannot really be dead.

Challenge level:   [very easy]

Water is poured over an infant's head. The shock-like discomfort caused by the cold water, the separation from the mother as the baby is handed to the godfather, and the unfamiliar surroundings give the infant with a feeling of helplessness. This feeling associates inseparably with the sound of the bell ringing during this ceremony to form a psychological impression which becomes ingrained in the subconscious.  
   The bell tower:  
Later in life: Depending on how sensitive you are every sound of the bell activates in the subconscious the feeling of helplessness. A primitive version of this method is used on pastures with cowbells and cows! 

50 years ago, the Club of Rome published the Limits to Growth
On a planet that itself does not grow,
any system based on growth will sooner or later
exceed its natural limits..
Nature progresses at a constant pace. The moon is revolving around the earth at the same speed as it always has. Just like the earth is orbiting the sun and the sun is revolving in our solar system. The pace of biology has also always remained the same. Grass is not growing any faster than ever before, pregnancies have always lasted 9 months. The pace of nature has remained the same since the beginning of times. Only man is constantly increasing the pace, because his economic and financial system, which is based on unnatural growth, will die if it fails to constantly accelerate. As a result, we are encroaching on our habitat faster than it can balance itself out. And all of this just because we believe we can reach our destination faster!  What destination?
  We ourselves are the destination!  I you he she it we you they are the goal.


  We don't have any second Earth.
By exponentially stepping up the pace in our lives, we are pushing nature out of balance. Nature can no longer regenerate at the same rate as humans intervene. The liveable area on this planet is shrinking more and more. Centuries of astronomy have provided the certainty that there is no other planet worth living on in our solar system. 65 years of space travel has shown that we cannot reach other solar systems within a conceivable future. The future does not lie in the stars, but in this world of ours and within each and every single one of us. And everything that exists is complementary. Every advantage also harbours a disadvantage. That is why even with the help of technology we cannot rise above ourselves and our Earth. The fate of the Earth also is our fate. We are all in the same boat. We don't have any second Planet Earth.